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Manager's Introduction to Test-Driven Development (Dave Nicolette, Valtech Technologies)


Managers will learn how the development technique known as test-driven development (TDD) affects the financials of a project, the quality of the product, and the cost of ownership of the software during its production lifetime.

For more details about the workshop, please see http://davenicolette.wikispaces.com/TDD+for+Managers


  • Introduction - what is TDD?
  • Hands-on exercise: Convert arabic numerals to Roman numerals in Excel
  • Presentation on the business value of TDD
  • Questions, discussion, and wrap-up

About the speaker

Dave Nicolette Dave has served in a wide range of roles in the IT field since 1977. He has been involved with agile development for the past four years, and is a Certified ScrumMaster. Presently, his main interests are the practical application of agile methods to enterprise IT, fostering organizational culture change to enable excellence through agile best practice, and collaborating with like-minded colleagues to improve the state of the art of the software profession.