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Keynote Rob Austin: Learning from Expert Innovators

In this session I'll present interim results of a multiyear study of the processes, principles and practices used by people (and groups) acclaimed as expert innovators. Topics I'll address include:

  • Why the need for innovative capability is greater than it has ever been
  • How expert innovators structure their work processes
  • Areas in which the approaches of expert innovators vary from conventional business practice
  • Concrete steps you can take to increase the innovative capabilities of your own firm

About the speaker

Rob Austin Robert D. Austin, Associate Professor at Harvard Business School (HBS) and Guest Professor at Copenhagen Business School (HBS), is faculty chair of the HBS Executive Education program for Chief Information Officers. His research focuses on knowledge-intensive work; he has authored, coauthored, or co-edited several books, most recently The Broadband Explosion: Leading Thinkers on the Promise of a Truly Interactive World (with S. Bradley). He also has written numerous articles in academic and practitioner journals. His industry experience includes work as an executive for a business incubated by a leading technology company and as a manager at Ford Motor Company.