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The Toyota Way of Managing Projects (Pascal van Cauwenberghe)

Toyota is the inventor and leader in "Lean Manufacturing". Can their management ideas be applied to IT projects?

"The Toyota Way - 14 management principles from the world's greatest manufacturer" by Jeffrey K. Liker describes the management philosophy behind Toyota's "Lean Management". It goes beyond the better known "Toyota Production System" and "Lean Thinking", whose ideas are starting to be applied to IT projects.

In this session, participants get to examine some of the 14 principles, to see if and when they are or aren't applicable to IT projects. They work in small groups to create a short presentation, which they present to the other participants. The session ends by a plenary discussion to draw up the conclusions of this session.

About the speaker

Pascal Van Cauwenberghe Pascal Van Cauwenberghe is an independent consultant with his own company Nayima. He applies XP, agile, Systems Thinking, Lean Thinking, Theory of Constraints and all kinds of other stuff to make his life and that of his customers and co-workers more pleasant and satisfying.

Pascal has co-organised sessions at XP 2001, XP Universe 2001, OT2002, OT2003 and XP Day Benelux and co-organizes the XP Day Benelux conference. He co-founded the Belgian Extreme Programming interest group.