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The Coder's Dojo: A different way to teach and learn programming (Christophe Thibaut, Emmanuel Gaillot)

If I want to learn judo, I will enroll at the nearest dojo, and show up for one hour every week for the next two years, at the end of which I may opt for a more assiduous course of study to progress in the art. Years of further training might be rewarded with a black belt, which is merely the sign of ascent to a different stage of learning. No master ever stops learning. If I want to learn object programming... my employer will pack me off to a three-day Java course picked from this year's issue of a big training firm's catalog. Nuts to that -- acquiring coding skills is not an "instant gratification" process. This session proposes to discover a way of teaching and learning programming in a more appropriate manner, respecting the depth and subtelty of the craft.

About the speakers

Christophe Thibaut has been working in IT for 15 years as a Developer, Project Manager and Consultant for Banking and Industrial groups in France. He is interested in everything that can help teams in their day to day work of creating liable, usable and maintainable software. As such he has been practicing Extreme Programming with small teams since 2001 in the context of lecacy applications. He's also involved in the Developers Dojo Experiment in Paris since it's creation.

Emmanuel Gaillot Emmanuel Gaillot is a software engineer and an experienced designer for theatre and dance. He has adapted XP practices and principles to the theatrical production process, and he currently works on instilling theatre practices back into the field of software making. Emmanuel's areas of expertise and interests include self-organizing teams, software making and Extreme Programming. He is involved in the conduct of a Coder's Dojo Experiment in Paris, France, where he also works for Octo Technology as an IT consultant and XP coach.